How God’s Love helps to break addiction

Addiction is an obsessive and compulsive brain disorder that is difficult to overcome. When an individual is addicted, it becomes the center of their interest and every other thing becomes secondary.

Also, addiction is one of the reasons why some individuals are not in good terms with family and friends.

This is because when addiction sets in, the mindset and ideologies of both parties are like two sides of a coin. The addict feels rejected and unloved, while their loved ones feel pained and disappointed.

This is why when an individual opts for a rehab, the counselor or therapist aims to resolve the dispute between the addict and their loved ones.

It is imperative to mention that most people have not come to understand God’s love and this is why they still struggle with addiction. Addicts need to know that if the world turn their back against them, only God would be there for them. Although, several addicts find this hard to believe.

God’s love comes with so many unimaginable benefits that Christians have not fully explored. The urge that comes with addiction can be quelled once you acknowledge the depths of God’s love for mankind. Without God’s love, it is challenging to fight off addiction without relapsing.

Also, acknowledging God’s Love helps you see yourself in a new light. As the Bible rightly said, your body is the temple of God and addiction is a sin that pollutes your body which is God’s temple.

When you understand this, you will see more reasons to stop your addictive habits and with time, you will lose interest as you continue in addiction treatment.

In addition, you will come to love those around you even if they display prejudice towards you. With time, you will be able to follow through with the addiction treatment and your health would be restored to normalcy.

Conclusively, God’s Love is all we need to get through various challenges in life including addiction.