People who have mental disorders and certain forms of addictions, can combat their illness by carrying out agape. It is even essential that in the addiction process, agape should be incorporated. Agape is a word which has Greek origin, and it fundamentally means selfless love. It should be stated here that; this form of love is different from the other forms of love.

As described in the Bible, Agape love is the purest and sincere form of love, and when compared to other forms of love, it is evident that it is the best kind of love. Agape love is an unselfish type of love and everlasting form of love, which basically means that you have set your personal desires aside, and have decided to cater for the needs of others.

During addiction healing, there is a need for you to put yourself before others, thereby ensuring that all iota of selfishness is better controlled. The best individual form of addiction recovery is selflessness.

Showing agape love comes with lots of advantages in the addiction treatment process, as it ensures that the mental health of an individual is restored back to normalcy, making the individual brand new.

For mental disorders and addiction, it can be said that it is not the actuality of the addict. The person would want to satisfy himself, not minding the fact that there are adverse effects which comes with the addiction.

When addiction is not promptly given attention to, it has the power to induce isolation to the addict, as they would want to think about themselves alone, instead of putting others into consideration. They would be careful enough to ensure that, people around them, would not have any form of influence on them.

As the addiction progresses, the side-effects become very severe, and the individual becomes lonely on a regular basis. If care is not taken, thoughts of committing suicide begins to come into play.

Practicing Agape love is not something which can be done in one instant, it is a practice which demands commitment. In the long run, it would be beneficial in restoring the mental health of the individual.