God’s Love Heals Addiction

end addiction with God's loveAddiction is a trap for the heart and for the life of the spirit. Coming to depend on a harmful substance or activity for a sense of normalcy is an old trick of the Devil to get us to lose sight of our identity in God through a carefully constructed web of lies and deceit. Addiction can be a powerful force, and the only counter force that is strong enough to break its bonds is the love of the one true God.

When someone is addicted, they are battling the clutches of the addiction itself as well as the damaged way they perceive themselves. Satan lies to them, telling them they are worthless and God, family and friends have turned their backs on them. They begin to believe that they are worthless and incapable of change, immersing themselves deeper into their addiction in an attempt to numb the pain.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. God loves us despite our weaknesses – even more for them, in fact. We were created to be dependent on God for security, for identity, for peace and for love. Our weaknesses demonstrate this, and decry our endless need for a savior. God loves us in the midst of our shame, our confusion, our anger and our agony, and our flaws only make him want to draw closer to us.

Coming to embrace the truth of God’s love is truly the only thing that can free us from the scars of our pasts; the scars that are responsible for addictive behavior. God wants us to believe that we are beautiful and loved, not that we are disgraceful. By simply inviting him into your heart, you can experience the incredible love of God and a peace that surpasses all understanding, releasing you from the clutches of addiction. The caring staff at any number of christian drug rehabilitation programs is eager to help you connect with God and defeat your addiction.